Sign up now because we plan to do 3 vs 3 games during this session, and with numbers, in a round robin, tournament type, format.

Speaking of this format, the 2023-24 Fall / Winter Sessions will be done in two 16 week sessions instead of multiple 8 week sessions.  Inside the 16 week sessions, we’ll form our own 6 player teams for 3 vs 3 games.  The teams will be made up of two 3 player lines, an older age line and a younger age line, with age appropriate lines playing against each other during games.  In this scenario, multiple teams can be formed so we’re not restricted by the same age appropriate teams playing each other.  The games may be played in 10 to 12 minute lengths for multiple games every week or longer single games.  Are we going to bypass teaching skills?  NO WAY!  This will replace the 10-15 minute scrimmages done every week, which will be eliminated, so the first part of the 16 week sessions (weeks 1-10) will be ALL skill development with no time used for scrimmages and then games to be played during the 2nd half (weeks 11-16).  The breakdown of number of weeks used for skill development / games may vary from what’s presented here.